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Dec 4, 2013 2:30am PST
susceptible to foreign competition and could damage the broader economy. and on the topic of the economy, the november jobs report is out friday. it will be closely watched. some are expecting the unemployment rate to drop as much as .5%, not because americans are getting hired but because the dip in unemployment is due to washington removing more than one million long term unemployed people off the benefit roles. jobless benefits were 1.3 million people set out to run out on january 1st. >> yeah, there is only a few days left for congress to do that. listen, amazon made a lot of news with that drone story delivering packages. it turns out they're not alone in trying this out. >> brian, the drum wars are upon us. it's not just amazon. ups and google are also testing their own versions of delivery drones. u.p.s. neither confirming or denying the reports of the testing and a google watchdog site says the company has been testing drones as recently as february. it looks like we'll be getting drone delivery sometime soon. i'm not sure how they can get in my apartment bulgd. >> i think new yo
Dec 9, 2013 2:30am PST
government shutdown and do keep the spending caps in place and don't raise taxes at a time when the economy is still weak and i think we can accomplish that over the next couple days. >> one issue still being debated extending long-term unemployment benefits. last week house mortgage leader nancy pelosi said any deal must include an extension but dick durbin said that is not the case. >> i don't think we've reached that point where we said this is it take it or leave it. what i hear from patty murray, i spoke to her the other night negotiations are making progress, moving in the right direction. >> congress has scheduled to begin its break this friday and not return until january the 7th. >>> well, a week after that deadly commuter train wreck in new york officials are upgrading signals. the new signals are expected to be up and running this morning. of course, four people were killed last sunday when a metro north train hit a stretch of track at nearly three times the speed limit. metro north now reducing the maximum speeds at 26 locations across the system. an attorney for the engineer op
Dec 2, 2013 2:30am PST
of people signing up, economy sting continuing to strengthen. i think americans confidence will recover. >> a slew of international news to get to. start in afghanistan. american officials denying accusations from president karzai that the u.s. is withholding supplies to gain leverage in the negotiations between the two countries. karzai and his national security council say they believe the u.s. has cut off military supplies and fuel deliveries in order to pressure afghanistan into signing that new security agreement. u.s. embassy officials say that is simply not true. the u.s. government seeking a new deal to keep american troops in afghanistan beyond 2014 but president karzai listed a set of conditions that must be met before he disagrees to an extended u.s. military presence. let's go to other overseas stories. thailand, overnight the prime minister vowing to open every door for talks with protesters demanding resignation. about 30,000 demonstrators taking part in what they call a people's coup. police have been using tear gas and water cannons to keep the protesters at bay. some of
Dec 3, 2013 2:30am PST
" is reporting the sluggish economy, historically low interest rates and tougher regulations have all taken their toll on the sector. the fdic says the decline from a peak of more than 18,000 has come almost entirely from smaller banks. most left the industry between 1984 and 2011 as a result of mergers or failures. the drop comes as total bank deposits have grown to $9.6 trillion this year. >>> well, it turns out, the cloud isn't free, at least not anymore. "the new york times" reports google will announce today pricing plans for companies, big and small, that use its servers for web processing and online data storage. amazon dominates the cloud business with big customers such as netflix, but google has been gaining with a client list that includes the popular social media site snapchat. >>> flat-screen tvs and ipads are nice. brian, i wanted to get back to you to talk about our favorite retail yes, walmart. sorry about that. >> yeah, no, listen, we saw the fights at the walmart on black friday, so -- >> oh, it's amazing. >> the most popular black friday item was? >> you're not going to b
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4